Albert Naasner ist university lecturer, author, publisher for artist editions, Master of Arts, and as managing partner at MichaelundAlbert responsible for strategy and design.

Photo: Christian Rolfes, 2015

I don’t know what you meant. I just hear what you are saying.

The ability to really say, what you meant to say, is an art. You need a counterpart, an opponent. Friction arises, every obscurity is abraded. A sharp, polished thought remains. This thought is filed, buried in an index of finished thoughts, and pulled back out when needed. Like a sword.

You have to be aware, that every conversation is also a confrontation: I want to say something, I mean something. My counterpart has understood something, that I supposedly have meant.


This bottleneck, that communication runs through, will only let fragments pass. The more precise and polished my thoughts are, the easier they slip through and the conversation ends in my favor: My counterpart has understood me. A win-win situation if you think about it.